Monday, June 23, 2008

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July 25 - September 12, 2008

CLOSING RECEPTION: Friday, September 12, 5:30–7:30PM
A catalog of the exhibition will be available for purchase during the Closing Reception.

Fifty-nine art works from the book arts field--some of the most interesting produced in the last three years--will be shown in this 5th international, juried exhibition. Fine, letterpress printed and bound books, broadsides, artists’ books, book objects, sculptural paper, pulp painting and altered books make for a very exciting exhibition. Paper vessels that dangle from ceiling to floor; sculpture that is 2” tall; a book “written” in broken glass; another containing the mnemonic bird calls of Midwest songbirds; etchings of Paris gardens; a taxonomy of urban fowl (of the human kind); illustrated poems; corn stalks made of paper; a photo journey through a car wash–all can be observed and enjoyed.

Forty-four finalists:
Lyn Ashby M.K. Augustine Alice Austin Fairley Barnes
Jana Brubaker Rob Buchert Elaine Chong Margaret Couch Cogswell Archie Granot Karen Hanmer Mary Hark Mary Heebner
Judy Bergman Hochberg Craig Jobson David B. Johnson
Peggy Johnston Wendy Kawabata Ellen Knudson Carole Kunstadt Angela Liguori and Silvana Amato Elaine Langerman Claudia Lee Marie Marcano Kim Matthews Daniel Mellis Tim Mosely Elizabeth Munger Sabina U. Nies Jan Owen Anne Pelikan Sumi Perera Sandi Rigby Regula Russelle Scripps College Press: Kitty Maryatt Shawn Sheehy Richard Shipps Areujana Sim Tricia Smout Diane M. Stemper
S.C. Thayer Jennifer Vignone Laura Wait Beata Wehr Linney Wix

Jurors: Robert McCamant, Pam Paulsrud and Max Yela

...and lizards and turtles....

Life on Woolsey

Today's the big day. The sink installation will be completed... touch wood... knock on the biggest tree you can find! Our days here are filled with breezes and cats and dogs and kids and dishes drying on the lanai - and while at times the last few weeks have been a bit like a slice of Raymond Carver's "Why Don't You Dance," (the furniture bit, not the whiskey) I feel at home here.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


we finally (nearly three years!) found a way to move out of the faculty apartments. With Kainoa's preschool payments, Glenn being in school, a less than adequate salary, and Honolulu rents, it's been impossible and we've been without Ella and I've felt like I've been perpetually on campus. Institutional housing is less expensive and void of character. Our new place is small but can easily be described as a PAD. We've been spending every evening out on the lanai watching the stars. We can watch the clouds roll in over the Koolaus, and dinner every night is on the lanai as well. I've hated the lack of natural light in the old place, here we can literally spend the bulk of our days outside. :) Best of all we can finally bring Ella. double :)