Saturday, April 21, 2007

Start from the bottom..

Lots of pics from the exhibition. please start at the bottom of the entries and work your way up to here. i went backwards. pictured: Penelope and Tara, the whole group. left to right (and fuzzy I'm sure) Daniela Rumpf, Andrea Cote, Maire Kennedy, Heather Willems, Marni Shindleman, Sarah E. Webb, Penelope Stewart, Tara Parsons, and me.

my stuff. lots of threadballs

My piece turned out not at all like i proposed it 1 year ago but it has been quite a process and i ended up very happy with the installation. I ended up with a repetitive strain injury in my arm from it but after installing it I am (insanely) excited to continue the project. There's so much more to do with this, just time time time and another venue or two or three.

Sarah Hutt

Sarah Hutt of Boston.

see more of her work here.


The person installing is Maire Kennedy. her website is here.
penelope stewart of Toronto/Buffalo/everywhere made 2,000 doorknobs out of beeswax. Those who know my work I'm sure can see that this piece made my heart thump.

ooh aah

These are porcelain dishtowels by Daniella Rumpf. i couldn't stay away from these. She knits dishtowels which she then dips in porcelain and then fires in a kiln. The yarn is burned out in the kiln so all that is left is a fragile porcelain shell.
This is a piece by Tara Parsons. You can view more of her work here.

more installing and the Hobart William Smith College Satellite exhibition

The two images at the bottom are pieces by Heather Willems. you can view more of her work here.



The 'hair on the wall piece isn't mine, check out Andrea Cote's work here.

Coming on a 12 hour flight to upstate NY to install an exhibition with 6 other artists (and curators) who have such similar energies and approaches to artmaking has been satisfying and inspiring. Being hosted by such a friendly and open hearted group of people has been unexpected. i came here to work, put up the show and somehow "be professional and get the job done" and was met by a very warm group of people and dogs ;) and diners and video games and artwork and artists.

Absence, Excess, Loss

many pics to come from my trip to Rochester and the exhibition. As soon as I get some time set aside to blog.....